One-on-One Nutritional Therapy

A change in diet can work wonders – after all you are what you eat. It can:

• Overcome your candida issues
• Achieve that much wanted pregnancy and help it come to term with a happy birthing experience
• Reach your ideal weight
• Withstand quimiotherapy with better results
• Help with diabetes, hypothyroidism, arthritis or any other auto-immune disease.
• Balance out the emotions
• Help with digestive issues: Irritable bowel syndrome, hipocloridia, leaky gut-syndrome, constipation, food intolerance symptoms.
• Give you extra strength and mental balance during breastfeeding
• Overcome chronic fatigue syndrome

…and so much more!


holistic kinesiology therapy

This therapy allows us to work on any change you might want to make in your life. The first visit is an hour and a half and after asking you a few questions about your clinical history you may lie down with your shoes of for the kinesiology session of about 40mins.

Kinesiology allows us to find the root cause of the main issue to work on and apply whichever natural correction that is needed to bring the body back to balance. We go over your 5 bodies (physical, biochemical psychological or emotional, nervous, electro-magnetical and energetical) looking for any information or tool it might need to be stronger. I specialize in the biochemical body (nutrition), emotional and energetical but I have tools to help in all of them. If I don’t have what is needed, I would recommend another professional for you to visit.


Talks, workshops and courses

I offer a series of talks and courses. If you have a wish to organize an event in your space or you know a group of people interested in receiving nutritional training from me, please contact me and we can look for a date!


Cooking coach

• Do you feel lost in your own kitchen?
• Would you like practical tips to help you incorporate new eating habits in your daily routine?
• Are looking to identify what is stopping you from making those changes you so want?
• Can I help you discover which kitchen utensils will make your life easier?
• Shall we work on your weekly shopping list?
• Would you like meal ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner?


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