Carolina Harboe


The Power Of Water

Some questions lead you “down the rabbit hole”

Four years ago, while Charlie was in my uterus, I was studying the emotional kinesiology course by Francesc Marieges (a course that would change my life irreversibly).  We were debating about the concept of the “placebo effect” and from my analytical scientific mind I blurted out that of course we could give a placebo to a person.  Francesc then asked me, “What would you use as a placebo?” to which I quickly answered “Water of course!”.  The rest of my classmates helped to transmit to me the huge effect water can have on people.  They presented me with so many examples on how water can carry information, memories, energy, power…I had to take a step back on my theory!

In my talks and courses I am often asked about which would be the “best” water to drink.  I have attended several conferences on the subject and listened to sales pitches for water filters.  I have come to the conclusion that, just like diets, there is no “one size fits all”.  I will share with you what I have learnt because there are some basic guidelines to take into account.

  • no residual plastics – bottle factories tend to be located very close to the bottling plants; maybe a little too close to be sure that they are left to cool down for months before usage.  This is to avoid plastics from seeping into our water, a procedure that can still happen in the truck to the supermarket or as the sun shines in to the shelves of the shop.
  • alKaline pH – by law, water from the tap must be neutral (pH 7).  Most filters will take away so many minerals in water that it will become acidic.  It is important to look for mineral water that will naturally be more alkaline and will help our bodies to reach that healthy non-acidic, non-inflammatory state.
  • structured water – take a look at the image of this post.  It is a water forming a vortex.  This is what water does in its’ natural environment. By the time it is poured into your glass for you to drink, often, it has lost these “live” properties and the structure is quite “dead”.  Pouring your water through a vortex tap or activating it in a special bottle is a great way of making your drinking water more recognisable to your cells as real “live” molecules.   There are other ways to activate water such as reiki, symbols, music, written power words, etc.

I hope to have inspired you to pay attention to this much forgotten nutrient that forms part of 70% of your body weight!  I highly recommend these filters that take out plastics and other toxic substances, add in alkaline minerals and slightly activate water too!  Here is my discount code, should you decide to invest in one (CNUTRITION4547)