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For babies to up to 10 months of age

We will talk about when to start, how to start, with what to start and how to create healthy eating habits from day one. I present my 3 steps to solids plan that doesn’t go by months so it respects each baby’s rhythm and adapts to each family’s habits and cultures. We talk about purees, about solid foods, about textures and about Baby Led Weaning so you can find your own personal way to start baby out.  Once you feel calm that baby is being fed the most wholesome and nutritious food possible, all you will have to do is enjoy this huge step in his/her life!

Duration:1h 30mins 


Practical/theory workshop

For families with babies.

This workshop was designed as a second part to the INITIATION and for families in need for inspiration at the cooker. We talk about how to cook cereals, where to find plant-based proteins and ideas on how to prepare them, their properties and health benefits, ideas on how to include seeds and sea-vegetables in the daily routine and why, how to design a balanced daily menu and how to enrich baby’s diet. There is a hand-out with cooking times, information on cereals, pulses and sea-vegetables, and a long list of recipes for all the family to enjoy at the same time – even baby!

Duration: 1h 30mins 


For families with children and/or babies of over 8months old.

We define what is natural nutrition and where to find it. We talk about plant-based proteins, what they are, the importance of including them in the diet and where to find them. We talk about carbohydrates and how to vary them. We plan a daily balanced menu to make sure the whole family is well nourished. We talk about foods to avoid and various toxins that can find there way onto our plates. For those who don’t eat large quantities we talk about how to enrich their diet. ¡You will leave feeling a lot more confident about how to feed those you love most!

Duration: 1h 30mins 


Vitalizing breakfasts, nourishing lunches and relaxing dinners.

For all those looking for a change in the way they look at food.

We will be presenting the way Chinese Medicine defines nutrition (macrobiotics). We will learn how to identify our mood and recognise why we feel attracted to different foods depending on how we feel. Then we will know how to make healthier choices! We will design a daily menu to help balance out the energy of the whole family and then we will fill this menu with ideas for each meal. We will finish off talking about the desire for desserts and how to help with the addiction to sweet flavours.

Duration: 1h 30mins 


For future parents who are looking to conceive or who are already expecting.

We will talk about the ideal foods for each trimester. I will help you avoid toxins in this delicate phase of your health. We will go over the different ailments you might be suffering and I will give you some natural remedies and nutritional tips to help overcome each one. I will talk about eating during pregnancy and that first meal after giving birth. We will also discuss those first weeks of breastfeeding and how to help make sure you and your baby stay well nourished.

Duration 2h

Price per couple 


Do you feel it is time to eat less animal based foods but you don’t know where to start?

Are you looking to improve your health through changes in your eating habits?

Have you started eliminating animal foods from your diet but are not convinced that you are doing it right?

Would you like to learn how to make delicious meals with incredibly nutritious ingredients?

In this course we will be learn about why to become a vegetarian, the history behind some ancient vegetarian cultures, common mistakes that are made and how to avoid them. You will learn how to prepare plant-based proteins and wholegrain cereals. You will also become able to identify unhealthy fats and learn why it is so important to eliminate them from your diet. I will talk about incredible functional foods like sprouts, pickles, miso, umeboshi, mushrooms and kuzu.

I will hand out a long list of vegetarian practical tips like places to shop, recipes to prepare and cooking times. We will also taste some of these recipes at the lunch-break.

Duration 6h

Price with lunch and dossier included


This workshop was designed to give parents the necessary tools to help their children follow a more ethical way of eating. Given the carnivorous society we live it, the decision to follow a vegetarian diet needs professional help as it is not just about eliminating foods but also about including incredibly nutritious options in our child’s daily menu. I will show you how! We will talk about scientific evidence that backs up this diet and we will learn how to avoid the most common mistakes.

Duration 1h 30mins 


All you need to know to get started.

I will be talking about this ancestral, cheap and effective way to heal all type of ailments and health issues.  I will explain the theory, my experiences, what to expect, what to look out for and everything you might need to try it out with confidence.  I will list the large number of fasts available so that you can find your’s and be inspired to try one out that fits in with your lifestyle.  I will explain in depth the metabolic adaptations that occur during fasting so that you can be in constant communication with your body during the process.  Enjoy the benefits!


For any parent who hears this sentence at the dinner table.

This workshop was designed by petition in need for desperate help on this subject. We talk about the importance of vegetables and the energetic effects on the body. We discuss what fast-food and empty calories actually does to people. We will complete this event with a hand-out that includes a list of tricks and recipes to overcome this phase with the healthiest outcome possible!

Duration 1h 30mins

Price with dossier


We all know that we can’t keep on eating this way.  We see false promises on processed food’s labels that are filled with weird additives, the obesity rate is high and rising, suspiciously shiny vegetables that don’t taste of anything…The food industry is not looking out for our health.  It is up to us, as consumers, to make the right decisions when it comes to choosing what to buy, how to buy, how to design a healthy daily menu…

In this workshop we will learn how to distinguish between truth and lies about the food we are being sold so that we can look after ourselves and our families through healthy cooking.  We will practice the art of being conscious of the role that nutrition plays in our physical, emotional and hormonal health so that we can witness the changes that this can make in our quality of life.  

We will talk about quality and quantity of proteinas, our real nutritional needs, how to use food as medicine, how to design balanced daily menu, and a lot more!

Duration: 3h 


This workshop is designed to detect YOUR reason for those extra kilos and to find your solution.  Losing weight goes beyond just eating less and moving more.  It is not all about being hungry.  It is not just about sweating those kilos out.  It is not about counting calories.  I will be talking about reaching your healthy goal healing the reason that moved you away from there in the first place.  We will go over basic concepts on metabolism so that you can understand your body better.  Then we will list 15 reasons that distanced you from your ideal weight so that you can start taking steps in the right direction.  Understanding yourself is the best motivation to make changes!


I refuse to accept as normal the fact that most children are taking medication with snuffly noses all winter.  Little ones shouldn’t be chronically ill and you have no need to memorise the car journey to the ER room.  There are many ways to help the immune system work better and often, due to ignorance, I observe e break these habits, we can shift away from the vicious cycle of constant childhood sickness.  Due to popular petition I have designed this workshop to inspire parents to take control of the family health in an easy and intuitive manner.  You will get a deep understanding on how the immune system works and will learn how to interpret signs like mucus, fever and diarrhoea.  I will share natural remedies that boost the body’s innate defence system and you can take them home in a easy to interpret handout.  Never another flu!I

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