What do you see in the mirror?

I am often asked to help with “gaining/losing weight” as if there was a simple formula that can be applied to all with even results.  I usually bounce a question back.  “Do you really want to lower the number on your scales are is there a different objective?”  Ask yourself…

  • Would I like to lose volume?
  • Would I like a firmer body?
  • Would I like to get rid of my cellulite?
  • Do I need more muscle mass? Where exactly?
  • Am I sick of my liquid retention?
  • Would I like a more proportionate body?

If your goal is not clear, it will be harder for you to walk in the right direction towards feeling fulfilled.  

One of my yoga teachers said in class the other day “Our bodies naturally move towards balance”.  This made me think.  Your body craves balance.  All you need to do is give it what it needs or take away what is blocking it and ¡hey! it will move towards health.  

Today, I’ll share a little about metabolism so that you can feed your body what it needs, when it needs it.  


Glucose is the preferred fuel to be burned for celular energy.  If we want to burn fat, whether that be for weight loss or detox (most toxins are stored in our fat cells), it is not enough just to eat less calories than needed.  Sometimes, it is easier just to do exericise on empty and/or space meals out in time, without even eating overall less calories!

Bare in mind that every time we eat, glucose spikes in our blood.  Once a few hours have gone by after your last meal, that glucose level drops.  We can play with our metabolism by including less carbs in our diet (replacing them with healthy fats, yes, I said fat!) or reducing our daily eating window to 8 hours or less.  This will enable your body to burn fat for fuel.  

When you have information on how our metabolism works, we can understand our bodies better and optimise our habits to be healthier.  This is essentially the definition of “biohacking”.